It is often that we have a PLC with software and configuration already in it and we want to use the same PLC without changing it’s configuration. IMPORTANT TO CONNECT THE SIEMENS PLC DIRECTLY TO YOUR COMPUTER!

  1. First we need to set our ethernet ip port which is connected to the PLC as DHCP in WIndows (Automatic assign)
  2. In TIA Portal: When creating a new project, go to “Add new device” then select as in the picture bellow and click ok:

3. click detect

4. Start Search

5. click on the plc that was detected and click “Detect” button

6. In the Device configuration you can change the IP address for your local network, then compile — rebuild Hardware

7. Select Download — Hardware Configuration

8. “Start Search”, click on the online PLC and “Load”

9. Accept as Trusted, Accept your IP address, Finish