How to determine bottleneck in a brewery

24 listopada 2023

Bottleneck is any point where the demand exceeds the capacity, causing delays, waste, or errors.

In breweries these points can be seen in cooling systems. For example, how to find out if our equipment is properly designed for our purpuse.

Solution: The implementation of IoT-enabled fermentation tanks revolutionized the brewery’s operations. These smart tanks were equipped with sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, and yeast levels in real-time. Automated control systems adjusted conditions as needed, optimizing the fermentation process. This not only increased the overall brewing capacity but also allowed brewers to focus on recipe development and quality control, enhancing the brewery’s product offerings.

In this brewery scenario, embracing Industry 4.0 technologies and automation in the fermentation process addressed a critical bottleneck, leading to increased efficiency, scalability, and improved product quality.